Monday, October 26, 2009

Ain't a Fashion Blogger

hey how are you guys? wishing y'all fine :) this month is the most dynamic month ever. sometimes it was freaking hot and few hours later it was raining. and that's why I'm having fever (again) and skip today's class (again). there are many many movies that I haven't watched yet this month :( this week is superb. back as usual, I'm having examination every single day and on Wednesday is going to beeee: French. Wish me luck guys!

FYI, As I recognized that my recent posts're always talk about fashion stuffs, I decided to write more about me in-unfashioned-post, enjoy! :D

PS: I heard that "Rafflesia Arnoldii" (largest individual flower on earth) as one of the most famous Indonesian's plant is about to be "stolen" as Malaysian's? is that true? i'm just askin, no offense haha.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

current muse : CHANEL IMAN

Teen Vogue's cover November 2009 : Chanel Iman & Jourdan Dunn



stunning in Zac Posen

P.S : click the pict to see larger

Drolling Stone

I have just received a package from Drole Shop !

thanks to kak Ismelya Muntu, I like the necklace so much

can't wait to wear <3

Monday, October 19, 2009

She Did It Again

wearing : white skirt - yuan, high-waist shorts - n.y.l.a, shoes - dbute, massimo grey long cardigan, necklace - nefertiti, random bangles - bought in Bali, Jogja, and Thailand

hi there, how are ya guys? as I told you yesterday, I got fever and because of thatttt, I skip today's class (Y) but guess what? I'm not alone. there're eight students in my class who didn't attend school with the same reason . eighttt! oh ya, have you all watched Inglourious Basterds? I haven't and I really want to! Oh Bradddd, why must Jolie? why not me? hahaha.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Actually I want to post something soooo badly but because of my school's event which's known as PYPL (Push Your Personal Limit) at Puncak two days ago, my body has truely reached the limit. I even had to do massage for about two hours and now with all of my exhaustion, I got fever. So, I wont update the blog untill I get better. Sorry !

xoxo, Bella

Monday, October 12, 2009

Shoes To Die For

Nicholas Kirkwood debuted his Spring/Summer 2010
the Roksanda Ilinicic runway show in London last week


Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte
Spring Summer 2010

arent they?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


to Cath from Dresscode Magz for featuring me on their 5th edition!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hellooo, I'm gonna post about Evelyn Birthday Bash which's held last Saturday at Hongkong Cafe. The dresscode didn't allow us to wear pink, red, blue and purple so that I wore yellow :D

spent lotta fun although some of my friends were late for almost three hours. but afterall HAPPY SWEET SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY EVELYN xoxo


Lelahku mencari penggantimu... penggantimu...
Tetap kan kembali kepadamu... kepadamu...
Mungkin ini pertanda engkaulah cintaku... cintaku...

Tiada yang lain yang pantas untukku
Yang seharusnya ku cinta
Bolehkah lagi kuminta hatimu
Kembali seperti dulu

Bayangmu selalu menggelapkan dihatiku
Hingga ku tak mungkin mengganti yang lain selain dirimu
Mungkin ini pertanda seharusnya cintaku... cintaku...

Tiada yang lain yang pantas untukku
Yang seharusnya ku cinta
Bolehkah lagi kuminta hatimu
Kembali seperti dulu

Kuingin kau slalu yang jadi milikku


I'm supposed to say I'm sory for the verryyyy lame posting. Posting is about to my mood. And for this few days, my mood is totally not OK :( It's sucks being in school especially when the sky is cloudy and about to rain. But for being honest I do love rain :D Why? Because it makes me feel sleepy ofc.

And today I'm gonna post some pictures about the F1 ROCK which's located in Singapore last September :)

The Hollywood bad girl, Lindsay Lohan


No Doubt

Beyonce - Irreplaceable Live Performance

Dont Speak - No Doubt Live Performance

BEP - I Gotta Feeling Live Performance

Afterall, sorry for the bad video quality, I've tried to find my best.