Sunday, April 25, 2010

HEY Soul Sister

just fyi my mom & dad brought the cameras out of town
so I cant do posting until they get back
by the way how's your weekend guys?
i've just ordered a cropped top from sisterbrain
and i cant wait for the package to arrive
do you guys feel that too when you shop online? hahaha

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the harry potter

so today after church we went to my cousin's house and play in his library. we found that he has a harry-potter-costume-look-alike, and the magic stick, strange book with strange language, and this very old quill pen.

this is my sister, telling me that she had just found a unique book


we had a lottttt of fun there. we made the library into a mess. HAHAHA!
have a blessed sunday everyone!
smooches,Bella (:

an afternoon with a venti of caramel frappuccino

weird face

weird smile

detail of the skirt

hey guys, it's good to have spare time to take some pictures and do posting! I'm in holiday for 3 days (yes, too short). and this is my first post on April (happy April everyone!) I dont know is it necessary or not,to greet you happy April- the month with a very busy schedule. well there are sweetseventeen parties on weekends, holidays, exams, homeworks, tasks, presentations, blablablahblah. besides, the weather is getting hotter every-single-day. dont you realize that too?

wear: unbranded military jacket (gift), picnic colored houndstooth skirt,
my sister's marc by marc jacobs leather bag, shoes-bought in Bangkok.

smooches, Bella (: