Sunday, August 30, 2009


this is how i dressed to the church this morning. after church, i went to Pejaten Village. As a new mall, Pejaten's quite good :)

wearing : unbranded tights and tank top, bag - Michael Kors, Blazer - Zara, shoes -

Friday, August 28, 2009

on the set

well, at this moment i'm gonna post about gossip girl season 3, again.
just as you've seen, below this are the latest pictures of GG season 3

our beloved Taylor Momsen's new look:

a good hair-extension.

a sweet rock-and-roll style.

and here's on-the-set pictures:

Michelle Trachtenberg with Leighton Meester

the "oh-finally" couple

Duff and her dog

Blake and Sebastian Stan (Carter) locked in a kiss

all source: here

i'm sooo curious to watch it. who's with me?

and at the end of my post today, please... do enjoy :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

attending agnes' birthday bash

last saturday, one of my friends - Agnes was having her birthday bash @ Excelso, Grand Indonesia. she has just turned to 16 this year :)

left-right, up : daryn, kevin, me,
down : agnes (the birthdaygirl), judha (agnes' bf), shirley, lucy.

petualangan part 2

where's the part one?
very sorry i didnt post about it ! ;(

petualangan pertama tuh barengan aldo-cm-halim-sley-pidut.
it was horriblely fun. we took so many pictures. you can see them on sley's blog here.

so this post is actually about my weekend yesterday :)

last friday was fasting holiday so I-aldo-cm-shirley-janice-angel-kasur-evelyn decided to go to Grogol took their costum-made jeans. at 4 o'clock we went to Warung Kito to have something to eat because one of us, who's angel, hasn't eat anything since morning. after that, we watched "The Proposal". it was awesome, you've to watch it guys !

i wore this :

unbranded tank top, washed jeans - bought @ bangkok, necklace - nefertiti, knotted cardigan - (i dont know the brand. my mom bought this), bag - Michael Kors, shoes - Mangga Dua.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


dakota fanning is one of some actress who likes to wear leather jacket, rockin and elegant , i love her.

for a long timee i've been looking for a good leather jacket,

not too expensive but good, do you all have a recommendation?

verry berry tired

hello everyone :)

actually, i'm not in my mood to post anything but that's allright, there'r alot to tell you guys. long story for today !

i went to Cinangneng village today. hv you all heard that place before?

i fell regret for not bringing my camera with me. i thought that shirley will bring her camera, and she did ! but unluckily i didnt in a same group with her and none of my group brought a camera :( so there's no picture taken at all while we were doing group activities but beside that, i still hv my picts in janice's and shirley's cameras hehehe

there's so much to learn. we learnt to cook Bugis cake (one of my favorite traditional cake), wedang jahe, playing angklung, singing Sunda's song, playing gamelan, Jaipong Dance, made Wayang, planting rice, even taking buffalo a bath @ Cinangneng River.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall In Love

love doesn't always pink. when it hurts, it turns to blue.

wearing : unbranded glasses, bangles - bought in Bali, bikers' jacket - zara, tee - banana republic, zippered latex legging - glittz @ mangga dua, shoes -, bag - Michael Kors (mom's)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Fascinating Sunday

this day should be a verry good day. my dad is going to come home this evening :D

wearing : unbranded tanktop, top : bloopendorse, skirt : glitz, clutch : charles & keith,
shoes : bought in bangkok, belt : gaudi, bangles : bought @ bali.

Friday, August 14, 2009


guess it's a lil bit too early but most of them are ready to welcoming 2010.

Alexander Wang's

Alexander McQueen's

I knew, babies. Be Patient.